The first MP3 player in the world that contains all the Jewish music in a Kosher & legal way!!!
Includes over 1000 Albums of songs and stories for children in English, Yiddish & Hebrew
Also Hundreds of podcasts and Torah Shiurim.
This is a MP3 player that only has the ZING App inside, Nothing Else!!!
Connect the Player to WiFi to have access to all of our content.
The MP3 player only works with a premium subscription of the app
Please note: at this stage, the player only works when its connected to Wifi (in the future it will be possible to connect to Wi-Fi & download songs on the device to Listen offline)
The player has a Bluetooth connection to connect headphones or wireless speakers, it also has a built in speaker and AUX Output
The player includes a silicone case, screen protector, wired headphones & a TYPE-C cable
The Player Comes with a one year warranty

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