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To cancel the subscription, go to the settings of the app (on the upper left side), then go to “Manage subscription” and then click on the 3 dots on the upper left side, then click “Cancel subscription”, if you made the subscription directly with us with a credit card, it will cancel the subscription immediately, if you made the subscription through the Google or Apple store (most subscriptions are like this) it will take you to your account in the Google/Apple store and then there you will see your active subscriptions, and there you can cancel it.

If you made the subscription through the Google store, but the Google store is blocked on your device, you can cancel the subscription through the computer, click here for instructions

If you do not remember which email you subscribed with, or if you are still unable to cancel the subscription, you are welcome to send us an email and we will try to help you, our email is

If the app stops playing songs by itself when you don’t touch it, it is related to the optimization of your device’s battery (it is not set to run in the background). To change this, go to the apps settings (top Right) and then click on “Disable battery optimization”, once you clicked on it, the app will continue to play even after you don’t touch it

We finally solved the problem

Please update to the latest version (117 or later)

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