What languages does the app support?

The app supports Hebrew and English, you can select a language in the initial activation of the app, if you want to change the language later, you can do so in settings

Is it possible to listen to songs in the app without an internet connection?

There is currently no such option, but each album has a download button that leads to an external site, through which the album can be purchased digitally and thus it will be possible to listen to the album without the need for an Internet connection.

Is it possible to listen in the app to my songs that are on the device

At the moment you can only listen to music that is in the app, in the future it will also be possible to listen to songs that are on your device

Is it necessary to sign up or log in to the app with a username and password in order to listen to music?

You have to Sign Up / Log in to the app in order to use it, In addition, when the user is logged in to the app with a username and password, the app backs up all personal data such as playlists, my music, last played songs, searches, and more.

Is it possible to connect with the same username and password to more than one device, and will there be synchronization between the devices?

You can connect to several devices you want with the same email or username and password and it syncs between them

I bought a new device How do I transfer all the data of the app from the previous device?

If in the previous device you were connected with a username and password, you can connect with the same username and password to the new device and all the data will automatically be transferred to the new device.

Why can’t I download the app from the Play Store?

The app is available in all types of Android smartphones, tablets and watches (above version 4) including filtered devices from all companies in Israel & around the world, sometimes there are companies (eg hadarn) that you need to ask them to give access to our app, currently the app does not support android Auto & also some Smart TV systems

Why when the app opens, a blank screen appears with no data?

Check that the Internet connection is stable, if there is filter on the device (usually NetSpark or Gentech) check with the filtering company that the device is open for our app.

The songs stop playing in the background, as soon as I exit the app. What to do?

To solve the problem, go to the list of apps on the device, press a long press on our app, click on “app details”, and when a battery-related setting appears (each phone is different) there is an option to set whether the device goes into sleep mode when the app is running in the background, Make sure our app is set not to go into sleep mode when it is running in the background
After completing the setup restart the app

I am looking for a new album that came out, and it is not in the app?

Apparently we have not received yet permission to upload the album for streaming, as soon as we get permission we will upload it

How do I find an artist, album, song that I like?

We have a very sophisticated search system, In the main screen of the app there is a magnifying glass at the bottem where you can search for an artist, album, song or even a topic like Shabbat, holidays, children, cantor, etc. and more, you can type the name (or even part of it) of the artist , Album, or the song you are looking for and it will bring all the results (in the future there will also be an option to search for a lyrics of the song)

Is there a way to share music with other users?

Sure, there is an option to share a Artist, album, song, genre or personal playlist with another user, click on the icon with 3 dots and then there is an option to share with another user via a link that can be sent via WhatsApp email or any other way.

I did not find an answer to my question, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via the contact tab in the app, or through the contact page here on the site, we will be happy to help with any questions or problems. Please note, we receive dozens of inquiries a day, please be patient, we make an effort to answer everyone soon Enjoy listening and thank you for choosing JewishMusic.fm

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